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9 coolest climbing earrings ever made

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Climbing earrings can get pricey, especially if you have the patience to spend hundreds on them.

But this spider climbing earring is really just a fun novelty, according to the makers behind it.

“We just wanted to show that we could make something fun, that’s what we did,” said designer David Hirschberg.

Hirschberger created the earrings after a group of friends visited him at his home in California and asked if he could make spider climbing shoes for them.

They ended up spending a couple hundred dollars on some of the best earrings he’d ever seen.

The spider climbing pair looks like this: And you can actually see them on the outside of the spider climbing ears: But the real reason these earrings are so cool is because they have some of these weird spider patterns. 

Hirschberg and his team had to make these spider climbing patterns to be able to use the spider patterning on the earpieces.

They’re also able to do the earring patterns themselves, which are actually 3D printed on a 3D printer. 

It’s not just the spider patterns that make these earring cool, though.

The earrings also have a bunch of other cool features: They are waterproof, and they have a removable cord that can be plugged in and out.

They have two different colorways. 

“We want people to have a choice,” Hirschber said.

“They can have an earring that looks like a big spider, and it looks cool, but it’s not that great.

They can have a black, but you can’t really tell if it’s black or white.”

He added, “I would definitely recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a little bit of a unique, unique style.” 

You can get a spider climbing mask in the form of a spider or spider claw.

Harsher design, waterproof and removable cord.


There’s even a clip-on earring holder for the spider, but this one is not a clip on.

It has a spring clip. 

And there’s a spider-themed backpack, too. 

This is not the first time that Hirschbert has created something cool with the spider.

In 2012, he created a spider patterned shirt that you can see on his website.

He even created a version of a “Tiny Spider” backpack. 

We’ve seen a ton of amazing things with the spiders, and these earpieces really give you a chance to really explore those worlds.

But the coolest part about the earpiece is that it’s actually waterproof, which is great, because when you’re climbing, there’s always the chance that something could snag you.

HIRSHBERG: “You know, I don’t have a spider, I can’t get a hook and I don