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A guide to the world’s top free climbing locations

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Climbing at the top of the globe is all about adventure.

Free climbing is just one of the activities on offer, and this article will show you some of the best free climbing destinations around the world.

Here’s what to look out for in your next trip.


Free climb movie locations The most popular climbing movies are often in the heart of major cities, which means it’s easy to find a place to catch up with friends.

Whether you’re looking for a fun free climbing movie, a family friendly outdoor adventure, or a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life, there’s something for everyone at the world famous Free Fallin’ movie theatres in cities across the globe.

Many movie theatre locations also feature free climbing as a featured attraction, so you won’t have to worry about finding a good time on the weekends.

For free climbing movies, we recommend the following locations: Toronto: Starlite Theatre, 612 Dundas St W., Toronto, ON M6S 1N6, Canada.

See the website for availability.

Vancouver: The Globe and Mail, 715 George St W, Vancouver, BC V6H 3E5, Canada (map).

See the Vancouver Free Fall Movie website.

Paris: Les Echouffes, 12 rue de l’Ouest, 55009 Paris, France (map),

See also: The best free falls in France.

Vancouver, British Columbia: The Golden Horseshoe, 2523 Eglinton Ave E, Vancouver BC, V6E 4R7, Canada;

See The Golden Horse and The Golden Mountain for locations in British Columbia.

Rome: The Grand Canal, 5th Avenue, 11th Floor, 10, 4, 7, 721, Rome, Italy (map) See the Grand Canal website.

Copenhagen: Vibes, 717 Copenhagen Ave, Copenhagen, Denmark (map);

See Copenhagen Free Fall Film Website for a full list of free fall movie locations in Denmark.

Stockholm: The National Film Theatre, 101 Stockholm Ave, Stockholm, Sweden (map and

See The National Movie Theatre website.

See other Stockholm free fall locations.

Sydney: Royal Opera House, 8 Swanston St, Sydney, Australia (map &

See for a list of Sydney free fall movies.

London: Royal Albert Hall, 1 Victoria St, London, England (map,

See for other free fall sites in London.

Prague: Vitebsk Art Gallery, 9, 11, 10 Prague, Czech Republic (

See Vitebks website for free fall film locations in Prague.

Paris : Boulangerie des Todas, 605 rue Pierre Vatte, Paris, French Polynesia (map.).

See Boulangers website for a map.

See map for more information.

Copenhagen : Vitebaertelen, 2, 10 Akerhus, Copenhagen Denmark (

See website for locations around Denmark.

Amsterdam: Amsterdam’s Museum of Modern Art, 2 Akerkhus, Amsterdam, Netherlands (

See Amsterdam Museum website for more free fall information.

Rome : The Grand Carousel, 14, 14 Placentia St, Rome (map See or contact us to get a map of the free fall.

Istanbul : Istanbul City Hall, 2.

Pristina, Istanbul, Turkey (map&


See website for information on other free falls.

New Zealand: Mt Nelson, 967 Mt Nelson St, Auckland, New Zealand (map ).

See Map of New Zealand website for details.

See our list of Free Fall Films for more.


Free fall movie tours There are a lot of reasons to visit a local free fall cinema.

The following are just a few that are worth exploring: 1.

A free fall adventure in a foreign country is often the best way to experience an outdoor adventure without leaving your home.


A local free-fall movie is a unique way to enjoy free climbing in a new and different setting.

Free Fall in the Middle East, Turkey, is a great example.

Freefall movies are available in many countries around the Middle Eastern region, but Turkey is a prime example of a country that has become known as the “Free Fall Mecca.”

It’s a city with a history of free climbing, and a great place to check out the world of free-climbering.

Many of the movie theat