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Beasts climb sticks to keep their toes in shape

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A mountain biker’s new climbing stick is a big hit at a gym in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The Stick is a climbing tool designed for bikers and climbers to help them stay on their toes while climbing.

The Stick uses a specially-designed steel ball to hold a set of four climbing sticks and a small piece of wood to hold the climbing gear.

The idea is that it’s like a climbing block.

The rock you’re climbing on is designed to help hold your weight while climbing, said Mark Gartner, a Colorado Springs-based biker.

You can’t hold onto the ball as you’re moving.

The metal ball holds the stick in place while you’re on the move.

You can get the Stick by visiting the Rock Climbing Store at 5500 East 3rd Street, Colorado Springs.

For more information, call (303) 685-6200.

Gartner said the sticks can be used for any kind of climbing, including steep terrain, steep hills, off-piste bouldering, and bouldering on narrow ledges.

You could use them to help you climb up a cliff and hold onto a rope while you rappel down to a safe spot.

The stick can be purchased at any of the three retail locations listed above.

Gartners father and son also work at the store.