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Climbing, hiking and camping in the Alps

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We’re not sure we’re in love with this climb. 

It’s a hike in the mountains, which means that it’s difficult to hike in, and a good way to spend the day. 

The trail is long and winding, but the views are spectacular and you can easily see the Alps from the top of the hill. 

We also like that it offers plenty of views, but there’s not much to see in the way of people. 

This is a good choice for those who want to climb the Alps or do a bit of hiking, but aren’t keen on having to climb a mountain for the duration of the trip. 

It’s a long, strenuous climb, and there are plenty of technical sections. 

However, the views of the Alps make it worth the effort and a bit longer than we thought it would be. 

 Climbing up the slopes of Rheims is also a good option. 

This climb has its own name, and it’s a good one to hike up, since the summit is only a few hundred metres from the road. 

You can also walk the trail to the summit, which is a great place to get some good views of Riedel and the surrounding countryside. 

If you’re hiking on the weekends, it’s also a great way to relax after a long day of work. 

The route is well marked, and you’ll notice the steep ascent from the start, before the trail goes up again and then back down. 

There are some steep hills and a couple of technical parts that make this climb a bit difficult. 

As you climb the hills, you’ll see the mountain and the nearby mountains. 

In the middle of the path, you can spot a sign for a cafe. 

A few metres ahead is a sign that says: Lambtrotterien, Schon und Schön  (The Lamb of God). 

The Lamb is the traditional name of the Alpine church, and the Lambtrotters have been worshipping here since the 12th century. 

At the top, the trail passes through a small cemetery. 

We’ve got a view of the valley below, which we believe is the village of Kostel. 

Another option is to hike the trail through the village and visit a local shop, but this is less popular. 

Hiking on the slopes is also an option for those looking for a challenge. 

Some of the more popular climbs in the area include the Hochstraße (1.8km), Hochscheibe (2.3km) and the Pöschstraßene (4.1km). 

In addition to hiking up the mountains and around the town, you may want to explore the nearby Pötzsprüng (5km).

The area around Kostels church is home to a number of different mountain villages. 

Many of these are located on a hill, and we like to go on the first climb to see the village. 

While the first part of the climb is steep, the second half is quite easy. 

Just don’t go too fast on the second climb, as you’ll find yourself struggling to get to the top. 

Our favourite is the Veltinsbrucke (6.6km).

We also have a nice hike down into the valley, but it’s not as easy as it is up the mountain. 

Take the first left, which leads you to a nice valley and some nice views. 

From the valley you can also see the surrounding mountains, including the Kosteln and Schonstegen. 

More about the Alps in Germany You will need to have a valid visa to visit the Alps. 

Please note that the number of visitors is capped at 300 people per day.

The weather can be quite cold, and if you’re travelling from outside of the city, it is recommended that you take your winter coat and coat hat with you. 

Weather forecast in the morning: The weather forecast for the Alps can be a bit tricky to predict, as the weather changes often and it is not always clear where the snow will be on the mountains.