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Climbing tree stand found with no human remains

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Posted December 06, 2018 05:20:39A search for a missing person found the remains of a man and a woman buried on a rock in a wooded area of Mount Rushmore, according to authorities.

The Rock Creek National Monument in Georgia, the site of the president’s birthplace, was discovered in the past few weeks by an avid climber who happened to be on the lookout for the remains, said Dana G. Johnson, superintendent of the monument.

A woman and a man were found on the same rock about 2 miles (3 kilometers) northwest of the statue, and Johnson said the discovery of the remains led him to believe that they were the remains or remains of the man and woman.

“They weren’t human.

It was very unusual,” Johnson said.”

The man was dressed in a traditional Indian headdress, which was very similar to a traditional white headdress.

The woman was also in a typical Indian headdresses, a red headdress and a black headdress,” he added.”

I’m sure there was more to the story,” Johnson added.

Johnson said he didn’t know what prompted the man to go on the search for the woman and the man, but said he was very pleased that someone had been able to find them.

“There was nothing about their appearance that indicated that they had been murdered,” he said.

“I think that’s very important for the public to know that there are still people out there searching for the missing.”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which honors rock musicians such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Chuck Berry, is located in nearby Teton National Park.

In 2016, Johnson said he saw a woman climb a rock on Mount Rushup and noticed that there were no footprints.

He said the woman told him she was from Alabama and wanted to find her family.

Authorities said the remains were located after they made contact with the woman.

The woman told authorities she and the two men were walking down a steep slope when the man suddenly began to fall.

The man’s face was covered with mud.

The man grabbed hold of a tree and tried to drag the tree to safety, Johnson told ABC News.

Johnson said the man was wearing a hat, gloves and boots, and he told authorities he was a professional climber.

The rock was about 7 to 8 feet (2 to 3 meters) high and weighed around 150 pounds (90 kilograms), Johnson said, and it was surrounded by an area of boulders and rocks.

A search was conducted for the next several days by law enforcement, but no one was found.

Groups of people have been camping out at the monument for years, Johnson noted.

There are about 50 people who have gone to the site to find the remains.

If anyone has any information about the discovery, Johnson asked anyone with information to call Georgia State Police at 770-748-4200.

ABC News’ Steve Gorman contributed to this report.