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How to climb a rock climbing dome

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The world’s first rock climbing playground has been installed on a remote mountain near the Canadian border.

The Alpine Mountain Playground is located in the town of Pigeon Lake, just outside the Canadian town of St. John’s.

The Playground has a total of 11 different climbing routes and boulders.

The facility was designed by the same firm who built the popular Alpine Climbing Centre in New Zealand.

It was designed to be a safe and fun place for children and adults to climb and enjoy the mountain.

There are no ropes or harnesses for children, and they need to wear shoes and a safety helmet.

The playground features a climbing dome which is a huge vertical structure with four sets of vertical legs that can be climbed on a rope.

There is a rock-climbers head on a pole with the rock climbing helmet on it.

The dome can be lowered to the ground for a quick, easy climb.

Kids can also climb on the dome and then take the ladder down to the bottom.

There will also be a climbing playground at the bottom of the dome.

Pigeon Lakes RCMP Chief Brad Schreiber said the playground is a unique project for the community.

“We know that a lot of the climbing is done in wintertime, so this will be a great opportunity for people to get out on the mountain and have fun,” said Schreib.

“The children will have the experience of getting on a rock with their parents and then having a climb on.”

The park also has a playground for toddlers and younger kids.