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How to climb in the outdoors with a harness

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Climbing indoors with a climbing harness can be tough and can require some skill.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your harness and its abilities to get you from one point to the next.


Wrap your legs around the back of the harness to ensure you don’t lose your balance.


Wrap the harness around your neck to keep your torso relaxed and keep you stable.


Wrap a belt around the front of the suit to keep you upright.


Wrap some straps around your ankles to help you stay balanced.


Tie a belt loop to your waist to keep the harness snug.


Tie the belt to the suit’s waistband to make it easier to move the harness.


Tie your wrist straps to the back strap to prevent your wrist from sliding around as you climb.


Tie an extra knot on the outside of the front strap to secure it in place.


Use the harness’ handles to hold your weight on your shoulders and back.


Use a safety pin to hold the front and back straps together.


Use your harness’ handle to pull your arms up when climbing.


Use an ice axe to hold an ice-climbing harness on your head.


Use small rocks and sticks to help with traction.


Wear a harness that is long enough to keep up with you on a vertical wall, and is comfortable to walk in. 15.

Use crampons and straps to keep climbing safely.


Make sure your climbing harness is secured in a way that doesn’t slip.


If you’re going for a longer climbing session, make sure you keep your climbing gear close by to keep it from falling off.


Make an effort to stay balanced on the climbing harness by holding your head at a comfortable level.


Wear some sort of protective gear such as gloves and a hat to keep from getting hurt.


If it’s raining or snowing outside, don’t forget to bring a waterproof jacket or raincoat to protect your hands from the cold.


If your climbing suit has a built-in snow protector, make a note of the weather conditions so you can get in and out of the climbing suit quickly when you need to.