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How to climb the Kilimanjaros Black Diamond – Part 2

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Posted November 03, 2018 08:18:15In part two of our series on Black Diamond, we took a look at the ascent of Kilimanjars Black Diamond.

The ascent was a challenge, with the climb going from the top of a 4,400-foot (1,400 meters) rock face into the Black Diamond’s interior, and then back down again.

This video from a video posted to Instagram by James Coyle, an expedition leader and friend of the Black Drosselmeyer Expedition, shows us how to complete the BlackDiamond climb.

It was a very difficult climb, with ropes and harnesses to make it possible for climbers to move the rope up and down, and the rope’s position and tension.

We can see a little of the climb in the video.

The climbers had to use some of their own climbing ropes to hold the ropes in place.

It took a lot of skill to get to the top.

We also have some other videos of the ascent.

Here are the images of the Kilmanjaro Black Diamond in action:The Black Diamond climb has been one of the most difficult climbs of the expedition.

We used ropes and rappels to help us get to that spot, but we didn’t have any experience using ropes or rappels on Kilimanjeros.

It was a big test of our climbing skills.

We were on the ground for almost the entire climb, and there were some tough days on the way.

It’s a big challenge, but there are no regrets, and we are happy to be back in the BlackDiamond mountains.