How to Get a Bouldering Gear Rack, and How to Use It

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A few years ago, we wrote about the best climbing gear rack for beginners, which included a cheap climbing gear crate.

This article focuses on the best Bouldercrack. 

In addition to being a good quality climbing gear pack, Bouldracks are also the best climbers gear for bouldering. 

I’ve spent a lot of time in the gym, in the mountains, and on bouldering rocks, and Bouldrs are by far the best bouldering gear out there. 

There are three main Bouldrack brands, which I recommend: The Big Stick – These are cheap, but have a sturdy construction, and are made of nylon. 

The Sticks are great for beginner bouldering, and you can get a few in different sizes for a limited price. 

These Bouldarracks come in a variety of colors, which makes it really easy to find the right size for your needs. 

You can also get a smaller version of this Bouldarack for $40-50 (and it’s a good value, too!). 

The Pole Vault – They are cheap to start with, but once you get into the sport, they are the best quality climbing equipment out there!

They are also made of high quality nylon, so they are great if you are starting bouldering from scratch. 

(The original model of the Poles have a better quality nylon that can be used for climbing on harder rocks.) 

If you are looking for something cheaper, the Boulder Bar – A lightweight climbing bar, but it is also great for boulders, because it has a large, comfortable handle, and can be worn with a belay system. 

A few different models exist, and there are even some brands that are made for climbing in the woods, so you can mix and match. 

They can be purchased at or (or any Bouldarmack store). 

For more bouldering equipment, check out our guide to the best rock climbing gear.