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How to get your goat to eat: 10 tricks

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There are plenty of tricks to getting your goat into your home or garden.

Here are a few: 1. 

Make sure your goats aren’t in a direct line of sight. 

A lot of times goats don’t know the boundaries of the yard, but it’s better than having them roaming around in the middle of the road.

If you have a large yard, they might wander right into your path.


Try to keep them in a tight area. 

If your goats are confined to a single area, make sure they are separated from any other goats and the outside environment.

If the goat is left alone, it can be dangerous to let the animal roam outside the yard. 


Have a separate feeder for each goat. 

When you have goats living on their own, you can add a feeding box and water dispenser to each of the goats. 


Use the best fencing available. 

Garden goats have their own set of rules. 

For example, a lot of goats don, like to climb the fence.

If fencing is installed, the goats will have a safe path to their food. 


Do not allow the goats to get in your backyard. 

They can be extremely destructive to the landscape. 


Remove the fencing. 

This is something you should never do.

This can be done by simply removing the fence or by using a chain saw to cut down the fencing and fencing materials. 


Fill the yard with grass. 

There are many different kinds of grasses and they can all be good for goats.

Grass is generally more expensive and more difficult to manage. 


Keep your goats in the back yard.

The goat will be more attracted to a shady spot. 


Give them plenty of room. 

You should give goats plenty of space to roam around. 


Avoid being too close to the gate. 

Be careful when you walk by the gate, because goats will easily jump up and down and run away.