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How to take an avalanche for a fun climb

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A group of mountain climbers is putting the finishing touches to their new climbing gear and planning to take on an avalanche.

The new kit, which includes two sleds, a harness, a camera, and a safety net, is one of many things that helped them overcome the avalanche in a remote area of the Alps in March.

The group of five climbed the ridge called Vänkulhölln for the first time in the snow.

The descent was so challenging that the four members were able to keep their balance, and only fell when they came to a halt in the middle of a frozen creek.

“It was really hard,” said Thomas Lundgren, the leader of the group, as he put on his snow pants.

“It was a really, really, very dangerous situation.”

The avalanche happened when the four climbers came to rest in the frozen creek, and they spent two days on the ground.

It was a hard, tough time, they said.

“We had to do everything we could, to keep our minds off the ice,” said Lars Gustavsson, the group’s leader.

“The only thing that really helped was the snow.”

The group used the sleds to haul their gear up the hill, which was a long way.

They made the first of a number of stops on the way down, and were then able to safely pull their gear out of the creek.

They plan to use the sled to climb the ridge again, but this time they are more prepared for the risk.

“If something happens and we have to do it again, we’ll make sure to do something with this sled,” said Gustavsson.