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I climbed a giant bikini climbing hook on a massive bikini in the Himalayas – video

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I have been trying to climb a giant fishing hook that I found in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. 

I have been climbing this hook for over a year, using the rope to climb the tallest peaks in India. 

While I have tried every rope available to me, this is the only one that has the power to move at such an incredible speed and angle. 

In my experience, the rope is stronger than most fishing hooks. 

There are many hooks available in India, and it was the perfect way to get a taste of the ropes and how they worked. 

For the video I am using the standard rope with a diameter of 12mm. 

To start, I have a small fishhook, which I cut to length with a small razor blade. 

Then I use the rope on the fishhook to move the hook as I push on the rope, keeping the hook steady in the water. 

The fishhook is very strong and stable, so I don’t have to worry about it breaking. 

As I climb the hook, the fish will move and my body will start to feel very warm. 

This will be the best feeling I have ever had. 

After the hook moves, I will start lifting the rope. 

It is like pulling up the skin on a fishhook. 

On the way up, I can feel the weight of the fish on my shoulders. 

When I reach the top of the peak, I feel like I am a new climber and the tension on my body is off the charts. 

Since I am trying to push on a fishing hook, I don�t have any problem with it breaking off and falling on the ground. 

My feet are very heavy. 

A fishhook hangs in mid-air. 

Somehow, I keep the hook in place on the side of the mountain where the fish are hanging. 

Once I reach my destination, I push the hook on the fishing hook to move it upwards. 

With the hook hanging, I am not scared of the wind and the sharp rocks, but of the slippery water.

In India, you have to wear gloves when climbing on rivers. 

You need to be very careful when working on a river. 

If you don�re doing any kind of work with a sharp object, you need to wear a hat. 

We are talking about rivers here, so if you want to get into trouble, wear a good hat. It doesn�t matter if you are working on the bank or the side, a good one is needed.

When I climb a fishing hole, the hook is always in the hole, but when I climb up a huge cliff, the hooks have to be in the sky. 

At this point, I start using my fingers to move up and down the rope as fast as possible. 

Each step is really painful. 

Sometimes, the muscles in my feet and hands are so weak that I cannot even feel the hooks.

I am used to being able to do everything on the ropes. 

However, now I can only do one thing at a time, so it is hard to do anything.

It is a little annoying that the rope that I am pushing on is so strong. 

But I am still able to climb it, and I am really glad to have found this hook. 

All images are by Praveen. 

Praveen, 25, from New Delhi, has been climbing since he was a kid. 

He currently works as a freelance photographer in New Delhi.

Pravean is the author of ‘Fishing Hook: The Story of a Thousand Ropes’. 

 Follow Pravean on Twitter @Praveeni.