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Kids climbing toys: How to make them into rock climbers

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By LORI B. CLARK | The Washington PostThe Washington PostKids who climb toys have the right to be creative, but that doesn’t mean they should be doing it for fun.

That’s the message being put out by parents of young children who have created a series of videos showing children doing some of the most popular climbing toys.

In one video, a toddler wearing a toy climbing mask stands on the floor of his own room, balancing a toy and a rock.

Another toddler holds up a toy rock, while a boy climbs the toy, while the girl climbs a climbing rope.

The child holding the rock is a little girl who is climbing on a climbing wall.

Her mother, Mary Ann, said she has always been fascinated by toys.

She began designing toys for her daughter when she was a teenager.

“I would be in the bathroom and I’d have a little box of little metal bands and then the kid would climb in the box and I would just try to get a toy to play with it,” Mary Ann said.

“It was just so cool to get something from the outside of the box.

The kid would just do it in a way that I thought was very creative.”

The toys are called Climbing and Rocks.

In each video, Mary Jane’s daughter is seen climbing on the wall, balancing on a rock, using a rock to push herself up a wall and then climbing down another.

It is an image of innocence that Mary Ann hopes will instill a sense of wonder in young children.

“The kids are so excited to do it,” she said.

“I think it’s really important to let them be their own little adventurers.”

When they have toys, it’s not so much to make a plaything out of it, it is to let the kids discover themselves and that is what I’m doing with these videos.

“Mary Ann is the co-founder of the Climbing Rock Network, which offers a platform to allow children to share their toys with each other.”

My hope is that this is a way for the kids to come up with their own adventures,” she added.

The group also sponsors activities for kids who want to explore the world and share their own climbing videos.

The first video, titled “What’s on your head?,” features a toddler climbing on top of a climbing rock and a boy and girl climbing in the same rock.

A girl climbs on top, while another girl climbs down the same wall.

The video ends with the girl on top.”

What’s that rock on my head?

It’s not real.

It’s just a toy,” she says in the video.

The Climbing Rocks videos have become a popular way for children to play outdoors.

In the last two years, the Climber Network has also made a video of a boy climbing a wall, and another featuring a girl climbing on another rock.

The climbing videos have also gained attention on social media, with many parents sharing their children’s climbing videos on social networking sites.

In an interview with ABC News, Maryann said she hopes that more parents will see the videos and share them with their kids.”

If we can make them more of a community for them to share these adventures, they will grow up and they will be able to tell their own stories,” she told ABC News.”

And I think that is really important.

We all want to know that these are the stories that are real.

We want to be able, when they are older, to go back to them and tell their stories and make them a part of the community.

“Maryann said that she has received support from climbing rock companies.”

They have been supportive and they have offered to sponsor my videos for their products,” she wrote in an email.”

We have also had a couple of sponsors in the past, but we have had to make changes to the way our content is presented to make it available to them.