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The free climb movie starring Jason Bateman and Julia Roberts is getting a sequel!

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The Free Climb movie starring Chris Bateman, Julia Roberts and Jason Batemen and directed by David Wainwright, was released on February 13, 2018.

The film features the same cast as the first Free Climbing movie, but this time with some new additions to the cast, including Jason Batermans son, Jason Batm.

Jason Bateman (Jason Batm), who is only 17 years old, plays a young climber in the movie, who decides to join a local team, but soon becomes a professional climber himself.

The climber is eventually sent on a free climb with the help of a team of professional climbers.

The Free Clamp movie has been on the rise lately, with the first two Free Clam movies being released earlier this year.

Both of these movies were met with mixed reviews, with some critics saying they were not as good as the original Free Clamps, and others saying they just didn’t have enough content. 

The Free Climbing movie is currently in its second week on iTunes, and is the fourth film from the studio behind The Great Wall, The Last Kingdom and The Last City. 

You can check out the trailer for the Free Climbs Free Clams below: