The world’s best rock climbing gym is closing its doors for good

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The Rock Climbing Gym in Seattle is closing in 2019.

The gym closed its doors last year.

It was the second-largest gym in Seattle and the first gym in Washington state to close.

The Rock climbing gym was built in 1998 and had over 3,500 members at the time of its closure.

According to the Seattle Times, the gym’s owner, Mike and Barbara Ritter, had been looking for a new location.

“I thought the gym was a great idea, but I had to do it,” Mike Ritter told the Times.

“It’s not going to be the same.

It’s going to feel like home.”

The Rock climber gym closed because the city was having a huge earthquake.

It had been in operation since 2003.

It has been renovated and is now home to the Oregon Gym Climbing Club, a climbing club.

The club is in the process of building a new facility.

It is expected to open in 2019, and is currently open only to members.

“They’re really great people, and we just felt like the time was right to let them go,” Barbara Rimmer told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

“We’ve done a lot for the community and the climbing community.”

The Ritter family told the Post-Dispatch that they wanted to give the gym a new lease of life.

The Ritters were not available for an interview.

The Washington Climbing Association, a non-profit organization that has operated the Rock climbing club in Seattle for more than a decade, has been working with the Ritters for a while.

The association is not giving up on the Rock gym.

It said that it was willing to reopen the gym to members if the Ritter’s family agreed to do so.

In a statement to the Post, the WACA said that they “respect the wishes of the Rittters and wish them the best in the future.”

“We understand that the closure of this great club is devastating for many members, but we remain hopeful that they will have the strength to carry on as a family,” WACA president Tom Koo told the News.

“As a family, we will support and care for our members as they deal with this difficult time.”

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