What you need to know about the new climbing helmet from Gossamer Gear

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Gossamers new climbing mask has received rave reviews, but it still lacks a full-sized climbing helmet.

The company’s latest model has been released, and while the mask has been praised for its full-face protection, it still doesn’t include an integrated helmet.

It’s a problem because the helmet can only be worn by climbers with a full face, not just helmet-clad athletes.

To solve the problem, Gossams is offering a new helmet, the Gossama-Gossama H7.

While it’s not an entirely new helmet design, it does include an additional layer of protective padding, and it can be worn on the top of a helmet.

Gossamas new helmet has been received very well, but the lack of a full sized climbing helmet isn’t a problem, and we’re happy to report that the helmet is still the best option for the price.

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Features: Full-Face Protection Full-face helmet: The GossaM is a full helmet with full face protection.

The mask is covered with a layer of thick polyurethane padding, which covers the front face, and the back face.

The padding is composed of a lightweight mesh that offers full coverage in all directions.

This material can be removed for the most comfortable fit.

The mesh is made from high-density polyurethan, a type of material used for making a high-performance foam that’s used in many products.

It provides a strong, long-lasting layer of protection.

Headset: The headband is made of a proprietary material that is specifically engineered to help protect the wearer’s head and neck.

It has a unique, flexible mesh that can be bent to adjust the angle of the headband.

The head band also has two holes that allow the wearer to easily adjust the shape of the helmet.

There are also two elastic bands that allow for extra comfort.

Adjustable straps: The straps are adjustable to fit the wearer from head to toe.

There’s a small buckle that attaches to the shoulder and an adjustable strap that attaches from the bottom of the back.

The strap can also be used to fasten the mask to the head or to hang it on the harness.

Size: The helmet is 28mm in diameter and is 8mm thick.

It weighs about 1.2kg, which is lighter than the Goliath Climbing Mask, the highest-priced climbing mask currently available.

Features and Benefits: Full Face Protection Full face: This is the most important benefit of Gossas helmet.

When the mask is worn, the entire face is protected by an additional 2mm of padding, making it one of the strongest helmets we’ve ever tested.

This also means that when the wearer is not climbing, there’s a clear visual barrier between the helmet and the ground.

In fact, it is the only full face mask we’ve tested that doesn’t have a protective padding layer.

Full face mask: While there are many helmets available for climbing, the best options for climbing don’t include a full, protective helmet.

These helmets can only protect the head, not the entire head.

They are designed to protect the face and neck but not the whole head.

This means that the wearer can still fall if they bump into rocks or other climbers.

However, the helmet provides enough protection to keep you safe from falls even if you’re not using the helmet on the rocks.

The Grafta-Grafta H7’s helmet is the best for climbing in its category.

It protects the entire upper body from falling, and has a flexible mesh with enough support for comfortable use on the back of a harness.

The helmet also features an elastic band that can easily be adjusted to fit your head, allowing for extra adjustability.

Size and weight: The H7 is the largest helmet we’ve reviewed, weighing about 1kg and measuring 28mm x 8mm x 1.6mm.

It also comes with the highest price, which makes it the best choice for the amount of protection you’re looking for.

Features, Benefits, and Price: The best choice in climbing safety: Gossoms new helmet is designed to help keep you out of danger while climbing.

It is lightweight, durable, and offers a full protection level, with a combination of a protective mesh and elastic bands.

It can also easily be worn as a top-of-the-line full face helmet that’s great for beginners and experienced climbers alike.

Graftamans newest helmet is perfect for climbing.

Its protection, versatility, and price make it the most recommended climbing mask.

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Pros: Full face protection: Gos newest climbing mask includes an extra layer of extra protection that’s designed to keep climbers out of the way.

The full-faced helmet includes a layer that’s made from a special polyuretha material that’s a combination