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When a rock climber falls off a tree

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A rock climbing climber who fell off a fallen tree while attempting a route at Yosemite National Park was left with broken ribs, bruises and a broken ankle, authorities said.

The climber, a 20-year-old from the Texas city of Katy, fell off the Bancroft Mountain Trail late Tuesday while attempting to climb a ridge that led to a large rock outcropping in Yosemite Valley, according to a statement from the Yosemite National Parks.

“He fell on top of a tree and broke his right rib, a broken left ankle, and was transported to the hospital,” the statement read.

“His injuries were consistent with the fall, and there is no indication that any other climber was injured.”

The Yosemite climbing community was stunned when they learned of the fall.

“We have been a little shocked that someone would fall off a rock, particularly one in the wild,” said Michael Ruhlman, president of the Houston-based climbing community.

“That is a really big thing to think about.”

The climbing community is also mourning the passing of two other young people who also fell off trees, one of whom died from her injuries.

Both were injured while climbing in the Yosemite Valley and died in hospital, according the statement.

The area was recently designated a national monument in 2016 and is the first in the nation to be completely closed to climbers, hikers and skiers.