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When climbing flowers is the most fun

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The climbing flowers subreddit is the epicenter of the alt-rock community, a vibrant place where anyone can submit their own climbing flower videos to share with the world.

However, the subreddit is also a place where a new crop of alt-Rockers have found their voice, with members like Joss Stone, The National, and The Black Keys contributing their own versions of the iconic climbing flower.

As alt-Musicians take over the world of music, they’ve taken their love of the beautiful world of climbing flowers to a whole new level.

In 2017, The Black Diamond Climb announced that they were releasing their third studio album, “Climbing Flowers,” on October 3.

While the album is currently in its final stages, the band is currently touring and has been putting out new music as well.

Today, the duo shared the first video of their new song, “Black Diamond,” which features a clip of their latest video.

“Climber up,” the clip begins.

“When you’re the one who needs to climb up, it’s time to do it yourself.

I’m talking about you.”

The video is followed by a clip that shows Stone, Stone, and a narrator talking about the beauty of the climbing flower in a beautiful setting.

Stone adds, “And the best part is, it takes a lot of dedication.

We can’t all be just one of those rock stars.”

The clip concludes with Stone asking, “When the climbing flowers comes around again, you might not be climbing flowers.”

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