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When is toddler climbing toy a toy?

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A toy company is selling climbing spikes for toddlers, and parents have reacted badly.

The makers of the climbing spikes claim they’re designed to give babies more strength and improve posture.

The spikes have been advertised as an alternative to climbing poles, climbing equipment and climbing poles themselves, and the company says they’re made from “bamboo-infused material and the adhesive is soft and supple”.

But parents of toddlers and young children in Australia have expressed concern about the safety of the product.

“The problem is that it’s not something that kids should be allowed to be climbing around on,” one mother told the ABC.

“It’s dangerous, it’s a toy that’s supposed to be for children to climb around on.”

Some of the company’s products have been linked to a child’s death.ABC journalist Steve Wilson visited the company headquarters in Melbourne to interview a former employee.

“I have no problem with the product,” he said.

“We’re not against it, we’re just saying it’s been proven to not work.”

But we have to look at it as a safety measure.

“The company has since closed its website.

But it says it’s now sold more than 5,000 products and is “actively” looking into the safety issues surrounding its product.

The company is also appealing for information about other climbing products on the market, including toys that are meant for children aged under four.

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