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When ‘next power’ climber is a woman

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Climbing and the next generation of women climbers are in the news again.

First there was the ascent of a new generation of female power climbers who are using the next power on the summit of Mount Everest.

Now, another young woman is taking on the next climb and the same climbing is changing the face of climbing and the female power climbing scene.

Natalie Dejak, 23, of New Jersey, is one of the most promising climbers in the women’s climbing scene.

She climbed Mount Everest last year and has since gone on to climb Mount Rainier.

Dejaka said she has seen a lot of people jump on the female climbing scene because they are starting to take the next step in climbing.

Dejak has been working on climbing the mountain and hopes to climb the summit next year.

Deju said it was a big step forward for women in the sport of climbing.

“When I first started climbing, I had this idea that it was only for women.

I didn’t know that it is for women,” Deju said.

“It is not only for me but for the entire sport.

I don’t think it is about being a girl.

It is about getting up there, making it to the top and then being able to climb again.”

Deju’s parents are not as supportive of Deju climbing, Deju’s father, Mike Deju, said.

He said the two of them didn’t believe it was possible for a woman to climb Everest.

“I have heard that it has been a huge challenge, a very difficult climb, but there is nothing to back it up,” Mike Dejju said in a recent interview.

“They have said they have never seen a woman climb Everest, and that it’s a dangerous climb.”

They said, ‘Why don’t you come to the summit and prove them wrong.’

“But, for me, it was something that I was able to do.

And, for him, it took the biggest of leap of faith.””

My dad and I have never given up on the sport.

And, for him, it took the biggest of leap of faith.”

It’s just a matter of time before we see a woman become a woman in climbing,” Mike said.

Dejaak said that the mountain has been the most challenging climbing she has ever done, especially in the past couple of years.

Deju climbed Everest last summer for the first time in 20 years.

DeJak said she is very proud of what she has accomplished, but said she does not feel that climbing is the only part of her sport.”

In the beginning I thought climbing was for guys.

I was like, ‘I don’t have a guy’s mind, so I’m going to climb,'” Dejaker said.

DeJak is currently on a training trip in China and hopes her trip helps to inspire young climbers around the world.