When to wear pants on Mt Rainier

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I know, I know.

I have a pair of shorts and a tank top on.

I was wearing them because I thought it would make me feel cooler than I normally do when it gets dark, but it’s been a while since I’ve worn shorts in this climate.

And I was just trying to make a point.

But this winter, I wore them to work in the park and even though it was still cold, I couldn’t get enough warmth in them to survive the night.

And then I had to wear them on a climbing trip in the mountains in January.

I had an ankle brace, but since I had been hiking since I was 14, I didn’t have any real ankle braces.

So I decided to go to the gym and use them.

The gym was on the top of the Mt Rainiest ridge and I was climbing a route called “The Great Pyramid of Giza.”

I got up at 6:30 a.m. and just went down to the first belay.

I thought, If I can make it to the second belay, I’ll be okay.

But then I started to feel like my ankle was hurting and I started having trouble climbing.

I couldn`t move much.

Then, at 9:30 p.m., I went down again.

I tried to climb the route, but the pain in my ankle kept getting worse and worse and I couldn’ t get up much more.

I finally had to get up and climb to the summit, but then I didn`t get a chance to.

I just kept going down, not thinking about it, just keeping going.

At the top, I started feeling really sore, and I knew that I had hurt my ankle and my ankle would be bad if I didn”t climb that route.

I started praying and I went to the doctor.

I went in there and the doctor said, I think you just have a very high ankle.

He told me I probably have arthritis, or maybe something else.

I`ve been climbing since I can remember, and my ankles are very strong.

But I`d like to keep climbing because I have so much to offer as a climber and a person.

I love the mountains.

I don`t think I`m an athlete.

I think I’m more of a climatist.

When I was a kid, climbing was really important for me.

When we moved to the mountains, climbing became part of my life.

The sport is so much more important now because of the way it`s being treated by the media.

People want to know how much they can get out of climbing.

But the truth is, it`ll be a long time before we get rid of climbing because of how it`d been treated.

There are so many climbers who died while trying to climb a route because they didn`ve worn pants on the mountain.

You`ve got to be in shape to be successful climbing.

For me, I`ll try to be like John Muir and keep climbing.

He climbed Everest and died in the process, but he was in better shape than I am.

If you`re trying to get to the top and you`ve never climbed, then you`ll never reach it.

You have to get the right gear.

I always thought it was so important to have gear to make it easy to get down.

I would go up and I would think, I need to get my shoes on because it`seems like I`re going to fall.

But that didn`ts make it easier to climb.

There`s a reason climbers are wearing pants.

And it`has nothing to do with the altitude.

It`s because climbing is the hardest part of your life.

Climbing is so hard that if you have to make an emergency descent, you have more time to recover.

That`s the reason why climbers are doing the same thing every year.

If I`did the same amount of climbing as they did and I had the same equipment, I would never climb.

But if I had this equipment and the same training, I could get down without too much worry.

You can see the difference.

When climbers do the same kind of training as I do, they do better than me.

I still have some gear that is old and I still get hurt.

But when they`re on a really tough climb and have a helmet and pants, they`ll climb better than I do.

I got my gear, but I`wanna keep climbing and hopefully one day I can get it off.