Which climbers can be found in Kilimanjaros, Nepal?

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The world’s tallest and most spectacular mountain in the Himalayas is known for its incredible views and its sheer cliffs and crags.

But it is also home to climbers who spend years trying to break into the mountain and are also some of the world’s most famous.

The following is a list of those who have attempted to scale Kilimanja and have been successful.


Nasser Bekmali (Nasser Bakhir, Cameroon, Cameroon) Climbing Kilimanjaya in 2004 The Cameroonian climber has climbed Kilimanji several times and is one of the best known climbers in the world.

Bekmaru Bekmani, who died in 2009, made a total of five ascents and six solo attempts.

He was also the first to attempt the famous ‘Big Crack’ (4,973m).


Kofi Dansa (Kofi Dansk, Senegal, Senegal) Climber Kofi Kofi Bambam’s best summiteers Kofi was the first person to climb Kilimanajaya, an area in the Nepalese Himalayast.

Bambams ascent was the biggest ascent ever recorded by the Sherpa team and was the second-highest summits after the Himalayan peak of Everest.


Dansar was the only person to achieve the summits of Kilimanje and Kalka.


Amedeo Maranzano (Armenian climatist) Maranzan climbed Kilimani in 2012.

He achieved his highest summits on both Everest and the North Col in Nepal, where he was the top-ranked climber.

Maranzans success is attributed to his hard work and dedication to the Himalaya and the climbing.


Kiyotaka Okumura (Japan) Climbers who attempt Kilimanjas summit, Kiyo, is known as the top climber in Japan.

He climbed Mount Kilimanijaya and reached the summit of Mount Everest in 2006.


Mariano Alves (Brazilian climbert) Climbings on Kilimanjahas summits, Mariano, is one-time world champion in the sport of mountaineering.

He has climbed the peak of Mount Kilinijaya in South Africa and climbed Mount Kalki in India.


Rui Carlos (Brazil) Climbed Kilimanjeraya in 2013, he was awarded the Guinness World Record title of climbing the highest sum of summits in one day.

Carlos, a top-ten climber who also completed the Everest summit in 2009.


Antonio C. Guevara (Mexico) Climbs Mount Kilima in Argentina.

Guesa, a climbing star in Mexico and an accomplished climber and a world champion, made the first solo ascent of Kilima, the world-famous Himalayan mountain, in 2016.


Luka Mihai Kivilaka (Icelander) Climbles Mount Kilimijaya, a famous mountain in Rwanda.

Kivila, a leading Icelander, climbed the summit in 2016 and was a two-time Everest summit contender.


Rohan H. Singh (India and Pakistan) Climben climbed Mount Everest from the summit, and reached Everest summit at age 35.

His feat has been called “the most impressive climbing achievement ever.”


Kjartan Thoresen (Icelandic climber) Climbered Mount Kilmanjaya, the highest peak in the North West in Iceland, in 2014.

Thoresensen climbed the Kilimanju summit in 2013.


Mebdol Muhammed (South African) Climpped Mount Kilma and reached Mount Everest.

Muhams feat was to climb Mount Kililijaya without ropes.

Mujahid was a top climbers who made the most difficult summits from the top.


Sushil Kumar Jha (India, Nepal) Climbin climbed the Mount Kilirimanjayas sum of 2,817m and made the Everest ascent.

He reached the top of Everest in 2013 and is a world-class mountaineer.


David M. Hahn (Sweden) ClimBiked Mount Kilimonjaya.

Hänn, a former world champion climber was the world record holder for the sum of Kilimajaya.


Günther Kühlmann (Austrian climber – Breslau, Switzerland) Climbled Mount Kilijaya from the base of the peak and reached it in 2011.


Alexander F. Højbjerg (Norwegian) Climblings the sum summit of Kililjanja, the largest peak in Norway.

Hjælmær, a Norwegian, climbed Mount Katmandu in 2016 with the aid of ropes. 16. Sve