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Why are so many climbers so lonely?

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Climbing has long been considered an “all or nothing” sport, but recent data from the National Climatic Data Center suggest the number of climbers is rising and climbing is gaining more popularity among younger people.

In 2016, the average age of an active climber was 24, up from 21 in 2016, according to the data.

But it’s not just the number who are climbing that’s changing, the number that’s not climbing has also changed.

More climbers are being forced to go on solo trips, meaning more climbers are spending more time away from friends and family, and climbing more difficult routes.

Climbers are also taking more extreme routes, such as scaling and rock climbing, with fewer climbers using their full abilities.

In the past few years, there have been a lot of people joining climbing groups and climbing solo, says Sarah Purdy, a climbing instructor at the New England Alpine Club in Massachusetts.

She says that’s great, but that there are some people who need help with their climbing.

“If you’re a very, very experienced climber and you’re climbing with friends and you want to help out, there’s going to be some people that will be out there for you, there are people who will be very dedicated to you and there are others that are going to try to sabotage your climb,” she says.

“And that’s okay.”

Climbing is more than just climbing for the thrill.

Purdy says climbers are more likely to climb with friends because they’re more comfortable around people, and that’s a huge benefit.

“There are some really amazing people in the climbing community that I have met and that I’ve really admired and admired for years,” she explains.

Purdy also notes that climbers have a lot more options when it comes to the sport.

“When you get to the point where you’re just climbing with no other people around, then you can get really good at the sport and really good in the community and you can also have a real relationship with the people that you’re going to climb next,” she adds.

There’s a new way to get out of your comfort zone, says Purdy.

“I think people want to get into their comfort zone and be in the same shoes,” she concludes.

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